Why Accendi Talent?

More than an agency, our expertise work for you.

Accendi Talent doesn't just know about HR and Talent.

It’s in our DNA.


At the core of who we are, we design, implement, and manage human resource and talent solutions that address the critical business challenges that organizations across industries face today. Partnering with our clients as trusted business advisors, our ability to help them achieve sustainable business goals is where we excel. We make it easier to address the challenges that our clients often face by bringing innovative staffing solutions to market.

Partnering with small businesses, mid-market to large enterprises, and public sector organizations, we strive to support our clients in overcoming the complexities of the ever-changing workforce. We help them accomplish their goals and bring results-driven solutions to the table through transformations in operations, reductions of cost, acceleration of growth, and alignment of resources to address critical business demands.

When you need a trusted advisor with deep business, functional, technical, and metric-driven expertise, our Accendi Talent team is standing at the ready to aid you in streamlining, innovating, and strategically re-positioning your processes to meet your short-term and long-term workforce and business goals. For us, nothing is more important than embracing an approach that is holistic, flexible, and honest with our clients.


Accendi Talent is an award-winning human resource and talent solutions advisory firm dedicated to helping organizations address human resource challenges and talent needs. By leveraging our integrated Human Resource service model, we help you transform and move the needle forward to advance your strategic organizational and talent initiatives.

We are experienced in helping organizations acquire talent through our national staffing and search divisions that span the areas of Human Resources, Creative, and Professional.


Our expertise saw us named a Top 10 HR Consulting Services Provider for 2018 by the prestigious magazine HR Tech Outlook. Through our full range of talent solutions, including recruitment outsourcing services, we ensure that your company growth will never be slowed by an inability to acquire and retain the best talent.

We’re known for our extensive experience in Human Resource consulting and staying on top of hiring and human resource trends, while creating and implementing innovative tailored solutions in compensation, employee relations, learning, and talent management. Our approach is simple – we leverage our leadership’s expertise, our network of consultants, and our dedicated partners to drive results to address the diverse needs of our client’s.


Let us show you the Accendi Talent difference.


We know Talent. We know HR.


Accendi Talent is a privately-held W/MBE certified business.

Our Philosophy


Time is money, and choosing the right partner who understands your needs, regardless of which service you choose is what you will find with Accendi Talent. We simply offer a different approach. 


Accendi Talent helps you and your workforce excel. When proven results, people, and processes that are top of mind, you succeed. Connect with us today to learn about the Accendi Talent difference.

We look forward to hearing from you. 


Fawn Hentrel, Founder & CEO

Fawn A. Hentrel has over 23 years of diverse HR leadership expertise spanning start-ups to established sectors such as banking, financial services, professional services, media, manufacturing and  the public sector. Fawn has combined strategic and operational HR expertise with a fresh but practical approach to lead and implement fresh thinking initiatives. Fawn has grown her boutique firm to an award-winning, global enterprise with multiple service offerings to transform businesses and drive towards results.


Accendi Talent Recognition

TOP 10 HR Consulting Service Providers- 2018

We made the 2018 Top 10 HR Consulting Service Providers list! HR Tech Outlook recognizes organizations that stand apart from their peers in the US whose services help to alleviate the burgeoning HR Challenges companies face today.

— HR Tech Outlook

Guiding principles

These are the Guiding Principles that inform and inspire all of our business practices, and distinguish us as a company.

* Honor God in All We Do
* Excellence
* Integrity
* People
* Open Communication
* Enthusiasm



The pursuit of superior performance infuses every Accendi Talent activity. We excel at meeting challenging commitments even as we achieve total customer satisfaction. We demonstrate leadership by advancing new methodologies, innovative solutions, enhanced customer service, inspired management, and the application of best practices throughout our organization and service delivery. Each of us leads through our individual contributions to Accendi Talent's core purpose.

Each of us brings to the workplace personal values which guide us to meet our commitments to customers, suppliers, colleagues, and others with whom we interact. We embrace truthfulness and trust, and we treat everyone with dignity and respect-as we wish to be treated ourselves.

Outstanding people make Accendi Talent unique. Success in rapidly changing markets requires that we continuously learn and grow as individuals and as an organization. We embrace lifelong learning through individual initiative, company-sponsored education and development programs, as well as challenging work and growth opportunities.

Open Communication
We foster open communication throughout the organization. Each person takes individual responsibility to understand the direction of the organization and why we do what we do. We support healthy debate and personal participation.

We treat every situation with a positive, "can do" attitude. When challenges arise, we act constructively to bring about a positive solution. Our enthusiasm is contagious.​



Contact Us:

6263 Poplar Ave

Suite 1032,

Memphis, TN  38119

Local: 901.881.8361

National: 877.212.5153

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